Actualité BD PLAST



At the K 2013 exhibition, BD Plast will confirm its ability as a strategic supplier of filtering systems, adapters, melt pipes and fittings, static mixers and accessories. In particular, at the German trade fair the company will unveil a set of melt pipes and fittings pre-assembled on a dedicated base, each equipped with a different type of single-plate screen changer, destined for a 5-layer cast extrusion system.
In addition to the traditional single-plate screen changers with wide filtering mass, the latest model of the BDOx2 continuous flow system will be displayed in a version with fully interchangeable seals, allowing quick intervention times even on the part of end-users, and featuring a new streamlined layout.
The company’s recent activity has been focused on the continual improvement of screen changers, rationalising many components so as to make them more ergonomic and simplify their maintenance. At the same time, the production of melt pipes has been consolidated while the range of complete units with screen changers, melt pipes and pumps has been widened. These units are delivered preassembled on dedicated bases in the form of real installation modules, ready to be easily integrated into more complex coextrusion lines according to the specific needs of processors.